Professor Rod Peakall

Ecology and Evolution

Research School of Biology

The Australian National University

Acton ACT 2601 Australia                                    

Rod Peakall is a Professor in Evolutionary Biology. His research has long employed multidisciplinary approaches spanning the fields of ecology, genetics, molecular biology and chemical ecology for investigating a range of pure and applied questions in pollination biology, chemical ecology, evolutionary biology and conservation biology. His integration of multidisciplinary tools allows novel insights that are not possible on their own.

Presently his research fall into two main themes. The first theme concerns the evolution of specialized pollinator interactions and the role of pollinators in plant speciation, with Australian orchids and their pollinators the prime focus. The second theme concerns the analysis of population genetic structure and its implications for dispersal, mating systems, conservation and evolution. The target species for this research include bacteria, fungi, plants, birds, small mammals and whales.

Professor Peter Smouse

Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

New Brunswick NJ 08901-8551 USA

Peter Smouse is a Professor in Theoretical & Applied Genetics. As a theoretical and statistical population geneticist, he has worked on both theoretical and empirical aspects of population genetic analysis in a wide variety of organisms, including forest trees, agronomic crops, bacteria, marine and freshwater fish, insects, and humans.