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Ian Brennan won the 2018 Ernst Mayr Award from the Society of Systematic Biologists at the joint evolution meetings in Montpellier!!! He is in some very good company now.  


Dan Hoops won the 2017 Thomas Karger Award for Excellence in Evolutionary Neuroscience for this paper!: 

Hoops D, M Vidal-Garcia, JFP Ullmann, AL Janke, T Stait-Gardner, D Duchene, WS Price, MJ Whiting, JS Keogh. 2017. Evidence for concerted and mosaic brain evolution in dragon lizards. Brains, Behavior and Evolution 90:211-223.  He also got “editor’s choice” and made the cover.  

He was later invited to author a perspectives piece for the journal:

Hoops, D. 2018. The secret caverns of the dragon’s brain: Current and potential contributions of lizards to evolutionary neuroscience. Brain, Behaviour and Evolution 91:103.  

Damien’s book on the reptiles of metropolitan Chile is out!!!


News dispatch from Crystal Kelehear: Exciting news from the 2014 SSAR Auction. The Field Guide to Hemipenes shirt sold for the highest price of any item at the Auction! It sold to Tracy Langkilde for $270! I also made one that had a large piece of Furina ornata anatomy on it. Dane Ward was the winning bidder on that one for $155! So, all the time an effort you invested in your hemipenes drawings has now paid off big time in the form of $425 raised for SSAR. Nice one! Thanks again for the use of your images and please see attached a photo of the proud winners modelling their shirts. 

Hemipenes models

You can see all the action in this YouTube video, brought to you by the Leache Lab who sadly just missed out.  

(Note from Scott: the drawings are from this paper: Keogh, JS. 1999. Evolutionary implications of hemipenial morphology in the terrestrial Australian elapid snakes. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 125:239-278. PDF

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