Control of Konzo and Kits to Determine Cassava Cyanide and Urinary Thiocyanate

Cassava Cyanide Diseases and Neurolathyrism Network (CCDNN) and CCDN News

CCDNN Coordinator
Professor Dr Fernand Lambein
Ghent University
Institute for Plant Biotechnology Outreach (IPBO)
B-9000 Ghent
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Editorial Board
F. Lambein (Editor), J. Howard Bradbury (Honorary Chairman and founder), J.P.Banea, Julie Cliff, Arnaldo Cumbana, Ian Denton, D. Diasolua Ngudi, I. Inglebrecht, N.L.V. Mlingi, Humberto Muquingue, Bala Nambisan, Dulce Nhassico, S.L.N.Rao.

Country Contacts
Cameroon: E.E.Agbor; DR Congo: D. Diasolua Ngudi and J Nsimire Chabwine; Kenya: Rhoda Nungo; Mozambique: Anabela Zacarias; Nigeria: M.N.Adindu and P.N.Okafor

Authors Instructions
CCDN News (ISSN 1838-8817 (Print): ISSN 1838-8825 (Online))

CCDN News will consider for publication short articles and letters (1-2 pages A 4 double spaced) written in English concerned with all aspects of cyanide poisoning, konzo, TAN and other cyanide diseases arising from consumption of cassava and all aspects of neurolathyrism arising from consumption of Lathyrus sativus or related species. Because CCDN News is a newsletter, full-size original papers or reviews cannot be considered for publication. Material published in CCDN News may be freely reproduced, but always indicate that it comes from CCDN News.

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