GenAlEx Tutorials


An Overview of Topics

We are pleased to offer a series of self-paced tutorials on population genetic analysis that employ hand calculations and exercises within GenAlEx. These are drawn in part from the graduate workshops that we have offered (jointly and independently), around the world.  Click the links below to download any tutorials of interest. In 2012, Tutorials 1-6 were revised to bring them up to date with the new features of GenAlEx 6.5. The newer Trouble Shooting Tutorial is strongly recommended for all users.  It provides helpful tips for solving some of the issues that may prevent some data sets from running.

Tutorial 1 (zip 6.9 mb)

An Introduction to Frequency-Based Population Genetic Analysis: scoring genetic markers, Allele Frequency, Heterozygosity, F-statistics, Nei Genetic Distance, Shannon Diversity Indices and Chi-square tests for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

Tutorial 2 (zip 1.3 mb)

Genetic Distance and AMOVA: Haploid, Codominant and Binary Genetic Distance, AMOVA and F-statistics

Tutorial 3 (zip 4.5 mb)

Spatial Genetic Analysis: Principal Coordinate Analysis (PCoA), Mantel Tests for Matrix Correspondence and Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis

Tutorial 4 (zip 2.6 mb)

Advanced Frequency-Based Analysis: DNA Profile Probability, Probability of Identity, Probability of Exclusion, Population Assignment and Pairwise Relatedness

Tutorial 5 (zip 2 mb)

Advanced Features Including Data Import and Export: Working with DNA sequences, importing and processing raw genotypic data, exporting data from GenAlEx to other software. The Stats menu and how to customise the GenAlEx menu are also covered briefly.

Tutorial 6 (zip 1 mb)

TwoGener: Male gametic inference, male gametic distances, gametic AMOVA

Tutorial 7 (zip 1.5 mb)

Hierarchical Shannon Diversity Analysis

Tutorial Trouble Shooting GenAlEx 6.5 (zip 1 mb)

This tutorial provides helpful tips for troubleshooting when GenAlEx is initially unable to run some data sets.