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If you are not already a registered user of GenAlEx, we strongly recommend that you register before downloading GenAlEx 6.5.  Registered user are notified of major GenAlEx updates only.  Typically you will receive only 1 or 2 email contacts a year.  We do not use the email address you provide for any other purpose. 

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Note that GenAlEx 6.501 was a critical update for all GenAlEx users!  Please read the Release History and Read Me pdfs contained in the above download pack for crucial information about the improvements and bug fixes.  The Read Me GenAlEx 6.501 provides instructions on how to upgrade. Note that GenAlEx 6.502 incorporates all of the 6.501 bug fixes and offers new features, therefore, GenAlEx 6.501 will soon be removed from this website.

WARNING - Known issues for Apple users - Excel 2016 on Mac

Although early releases of Office 2016 are available for the Macintosh, current releases by Microsoft do not yet offer full Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) functionality, which is required to run GenAlEx within Excel.  Therefore, for the time being you will need to continue to run GenAlEx in Excel 2011.  Please note that this is a general issue for all VBA packages, and beyond our control.  We apologise for any inconvenience.  We will continue to monitor Microsoft releases and plan to provide a compatible version of GenAlEx as soon as possible.