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Note that GenAlEx 6.501 was a critical update for all GenAlEx users!  Please read the Release History and Read Me pdfs contained in the above download pack for crucial information about the improvements and bug fixes.  The Read Me GenAlEx 6.501 provides instructions on how to upgrade. Note that GenAlEx 6.502 incorporates all of the 6.501 bug fixes and offers new features, therefore, GenAlEx 6.501 will soon be removed from this website.

About GenAlEx 6.503This new GenAlEx release for Excel 2016 running in Windows offers new access to all GenAlEx options via the Excel Ribbon. Prior to this version, all access to GenAlEx options was via the GenAlEx menu.  The location of the GenAlEx menu has depended on the version of Excel used, and the operating system. From this new version onwards, the Excel Ribbon will provide a common interface and access point to GenAlEx options across Excel versions and operating systems.

GenAlEx 6.502 offers new Shannon Diversity Analysis options as described in: Smouse, P.E., Whitehead, M.R., and Peakall, R. (2015) An informational diversity framework, illustrated with sexually deceptive orchids in early stages of speciation. Molecular Ecology Resources 15, 1375-1384 (DOI 10.111/1755-0998.12422)

Disclaimer:  This program is provided free of charge by the authors. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the results and the smooth operation of the program, we regret that we are unable to take responsibility for unintentional errors or problems that may be encountered by users. We are also unable to provide individualized support for users of the program.  If you are a new user, please refer to the extensive documentation we provide including the Guide to GenAlEx and the supporting tutorials, both of which offer step-by-step instructions.

GenAlEx 6.502.xla is fully compatible with Excel 2003 to Excel 2016 on Windows.  On Mac it is compatible with Excel 2004 and 2011.

WARNING - Known issues for Apple users - Excel 2016 on Mac

Compared to all Windows versions of Excel, Microsoft do not offer full Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) functionality in Excel 2016, which is required to run GenAlEx within Excel.  However, preliminary tests show that GenAlEx 6.503.xlam does run on the Mac in Excel 2016, but with some impaired dialog box functions yet to be resolved.  We hope to resolve these additional issues, and release a fully compatible version for the Mac as soon as possible.

GenAlEx 6.503.xlam is fully compatible with Excel 2016 on Windows, and is expected to be backwards compatible to Excel 2010.